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NURS 6560 Final Exam Questions: Advanced Practice Care of Adults in Acute Care Settings II | Homework Solution

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NURS 6560 Final Exam Questions – Advanced Practice Care of Adults in Acute Care Settings II

NURS 6560 Final Exam Review

General Pre and Post Op Care
  • Hemoglobin in relation to surgery
  • Predictors of increased morbidity and mortality post-operatively
  • Risks factors for poor wound healing
  • Medications the patient should take on the morning of surgery
  • Positioning in the PACU
Head, Neck, Esophagus, and Diaphragm
  • Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) diagnosis and treatment
  • Otitis Externa – secondary treatment
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma- treatment related complications
  • Achalasia risk factors
  • Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia repair
ORDER NOW Cardiology
  • EKG interpretation of different types of MI according to the leads presenting with signs of ischemia
  • Society of Thoracic Surgeon’s statistics and synopsis regarding patient outcomes after coronary artery bypass grafting and mortality
  • INR management
  • Mitral stenosis with catheter-based balloon mitral valvotomy and reduction of the transvalvular pressure gradient
  • Types of aortic aneurysms and immediate surgery
  Pulmonary and Shock
  • Fatty Lipoma
  • Thymoma and autoimmune disorders
  • Positive TB skin test and when treatment is needed
  • Cardiac pressures related to shock and PE
  • Treatment for neurogenic shock, distributive-septic shock, and cardiogenic shock
NURS 6560 Final Exam Questions and Answers- Advanced Practice Care of Adults in Acute Care Settings II Acute Abdomen, Stomach/Duodenum, Appendix Disorders
  • Abdominal pain and epigastric pain workup and presentation
  • Symptoms of colicky pain
  • Gas stoppage sign
  • Pancreatitis labs
  • ureteral colic s/s
  • Perforated bowel s/s
  • Rebound tenderness
  • Diverticulitis s/s
  • When is a pelvic exam indicated and when can it be deferred?
  • Gastric resection and how vitamins absorption is affected
  • Post-op care of abdominal surgery
  • Gastroparesis
  • perforated ulcer s/s and resection and hospital complications
  • vagotomy
  • gastrinoma s/s
  • peptic ulcer disease s/s and management
  • gastrectomy and bezoar formation
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
  • Pyloric obstruction s/s
Get Leveraging Human Capital Assignment Help Now!! Liver/Biliary Track, Pancreas, Spleen
  • Resection of the liver and regeneration- follow up monitoring
  • pregnant women and spontaneous hepatic rupture s/s
  • hepatic hemangiomas
  • hepatic adenomas s/s
  • portal hypertension with alcoholic liver disease s/s
  • acutely bleeding varices treatment
  • Budd-Chiari syndrome s/s
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Paracentesis and subsequent analysis of the fluid
  • ascites s/s and treatment
  • chemical mediators of hepatic encephalopathy, protein intake
  • Extrahepatic obstruction s/s
  • Cholelithiasis s/s and treatment
  • Biliary colic s/s
  • acute pancreatitis s/s and causes
  • Grey Turner Sign
  • Ranson Criteria of Severity for pancreatitis
  • Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura s/s
  • myelodysplastic syndrome s/s and treatment
Intestines, Hernias, Abdominal Wall Lesions
  • Jejunum resection and effects on nutrition
  • Crohn’s disease complications
  • Small bowel obstruction s/s and treatment
  • anemias and abdominal discomfort diagnosis
  • Campylobacter jejuni s/ s and treatment
  • Pneumatosis s/s and treatment
  • Colectomy discharge education
  • transit time in constipation
  • bacterial growth in small and large intestine benefits vs. complications of over growth
  • Complete bowel obstruction s/s
  • Frame pattern of colon distention on x-ray
  • Inflammatory polyps
  • Radiographic work up for lower abdominal complaints
  • Diverticulitis assessment, s/s, diagnosis, and treatment
  • colovesical fistula treatment
  • sigmoid volvulus- s/s and treatment
  • colitis – s/s and treatment
  • McBurney’s sign
  • NURS 6560 Final Exam Questions and Answers- Advanced Practice Care of Adults in Acute Care Settings II
  Adrenals and Urogynecology
  • Unique features of adrenal surgery complications
  • Primary hyperaldosteronism- s/s, diagnosis and treatment
  • Aldosteronoma- s/s and treatment
  • Catecholamine-secreting tumor s/s
  • Pheochromocytoma treatment and complications
  • Cushing’s syndrome and adrenal tumor- s/s, lab values and results of removal of tumor
  • Bilateral total adrenalectomy post op treatment
  • Adrenal tumors with gender symptoms
  • Vesicoureteral reflux diagnosis
  • Hypospadias and circumcision
  • Administration of the American Urological Association (AUA) Symptom Scale-When is it needed?
  • microscopic hematuria- s/s and treatment
  • acute pyelonephritis s/s
  • Bladder distention treatment
  • Tuberculosis and UTI s/s
  • Posterior compartment syndrome- s/s and treatment
  • Menorrhagia diagnosis
  • Ectopic pregnancy- s/s and treatment
  • NURS 6560 Final Exam Questions and Answers- Advanced Practice Care of Adults in Acute Care Settings II
Neurology, Orthopedics, Plastic/Reconstructive
  • Use of plain film x-rays with head injuries
  • Hypotension and head injury – risk of mortality
  • Cushing’s triad s/s
  • Closed head injury s/s and treatment
  • Acute subdural hematoma on CT scan
  • Concussion definition s/s and treatment
  • Brain Trauma Foundation recommendations for intracranial pressure monitoring
  • Crush injuries – s/s and treatment
  • Fasciotomy
  • open fractures – treatment
  • transverse process fractures – treatment
  • Flexion-distraction injuries – causes
  • Pelvic fracture – s/s
  • Scapular fracture – treatment
  • Proximal humerus fracture
  • full thickness grafts – when to use
  • Treatment of hypertrophic scar
  • Seborrheic keratosis – treatment
  • Verrucae lesions – s/s and treatment
  • Actinic keratosis – s/s and treatment
  • Time frame for suturing injuries
  Oncology, Organ Transplant, Medical/Ethical
  • tumor nomenclature
  • various methods of tumor biopsy
  • Proctocolectomy – when is it needed
  • Partial response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy
  • Monoclonal antibodies uses and advantages
  • Acute post-radiation effects with throat cancer
  • Organ donation – when is a patient not a candidate for organ donation?
  • Use of Corticosteroids in post-transplant patients
  • Donation guidelines
  • Treatment strategies for bradyarrhythmias in post-heart transplant patients
  • Bone marrow transplant – treatment for prevention of rejection
  • Kidney transplant – treatment
  • First line treatment of acute rejection of liver
  • Ethical principles beneficence, nonmaleficence, veracity
  • Counseling rape victims
  • Informed Consent and cognitively impaired patients
  • End of life considerations
NURS 6560 Final Exam Questions and Answers- Advanced Practice Care of Adults in Acute Care Settings II NURS 6560 Final Exam Questions

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