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[SOLUTION] N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community – Homework Solution

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N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community – Homework Solution

Module 7 In this module, you will complete a full assessment of your own community. You may build upon this assessment in Community Health II by planning, implementing and evaluating a project within your community designed to address primary prevention of an identified health concern. Assignment Description: Your submission should be a minimum of 2000 words (maximum 2500 words) in length and should completely answer the proposed questions/items as listed under. You should have a minimum of four (4) references. APA formatting is required and all responses should be combined into a single document for submission. Use the rubric as a guide for the evaluation method of the project.
N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community

N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community

Defining the Community Your community can be any geographically defined county, city, or town. Clearly delineate the following dimensions before starting the process of community assessment:
  • Describe the population that is being assessed?
  • What is/are the race(s) of this population within the community? – Predominantly African American.
  • Are there boundaries of this group? If so, what are they?
  • Does this community exist within a certain city or county?
  • Are there general characteristics that separate this group from others?
  • Education levels, birth/death rates, age of deaths, insured/uninsured?
  • Where is this group located geographically…? Urban/rural?
  • Why is a community assessment being performed? What purpose will it serve?
  • How will information for the community assessment be collected?
Assessment After the community has been defined, the next phase is assessment. The following items describe several resources and methods that can be used to gather and generate data. These items serve as a starting point for data collection. This is not an all-inclusive list of resources and methods that may be used when a community assessment is conducted. N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community – Homework Solution The time frame for completion of the assessment may influence which methods are used. Nonetheless, these items should be reviewed to determine what information will be useful to collect about the community that is being assessed. It is not necessary to use all of these resources and methods; however, use of a variety of methods is helpful when one is exploring the needs of a community. Data Gathering using learning resources Data Generation (data are developed that do not already exist): Windshield Surveys With the use of public transportation or by driving a vehicle around the community, one can observe common characteristics of the community. Examples of key observations to make when one is assessing the community through a windshield survey include the following:
  • Age of the homes in the community
  • Location of parks and other recreational areas
  • Amount of space between homes and businesses
  • Neighborhood hangouts
  • Transportation in the community
  • Quality and safety of streets and sidewalks
  • Stores and other businesses
  • People out in the community
  • Cleanliness of the community
  • Billboards or other media displays
  • Places of worship
  • Healthcare facilities 
N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community – Homework Solution Participant Observation Spend time observing the population that is being assessed. Through observation of interactions among group members, much can be learned about the community, including the following:
  • Developmental level of the population
  • Effectiveness of peer-to-peer interactions
  • Respect for peers and others
  • Safety in the environment
  • Economic status
Informant Interviews Informants could be people who are familiar with and interact with the population on a regular basis. Examples of questions that may be asked of key informants include the following:
  • Strengths/assets of the community
  • Areas of improvement for the community
  • Concerns of community members
  • Access to health care
  • Emergency plans for natural or man-made disasters
Focus Groups Focus groups (usually small groups of 6-12 people) can be helpful when one is gathering information about specific areas of concern within the population. Use of a focus group involves open dialogue about the population, whereas an interview or survey yields only individual responses.
  • Focus groups may be effective for assessing the following:
  • Satisfaction with services provided
  • Community resources used
  • Transportation issues within the community
  • Safety within the community
  • General concerns of members of the population
Surveys Surveys may be used to collect data from the community. Selecting a sample of the target population may prove helpful in the collection of data that are easier to analyze. It is important to ensure that the sample is representative of the target population. A survey should be developed that takes into consideration the developmental level of the group that is being assessed. Questions should be written at the appropriate developmental level, so they are answered in a way that makes the data useful. Surveys might include closed-ended (yes/no), multiple choice (several responses to choose from), Likert scale (Strongly Agree/Agree/Neutral/Disagree/Strongly Disagree), or open-ended (“why”/“how”) questions. Topics that may be addressed in a survey include the following:
  • Demographic information
  • Status of employment
  • Safety within community
  • Safety in environment
  • Personal safety (seatbelts, helmets, etc.)
  • Stressors/stress management patterns
  • Risky behaviors
  • Support systems
  • Volunteer/community activities
  • Rest patterns
  • Nutrition
  • Dental hygiene
  • Health promotion activities
Learning resources that you will need to use to complete this assignment.
  • N492 Signature Assignment Rubric v1.1 – will attach to the question.
  • Demographics of the Community
  • When demographic data are collected, it is useful to collect data from a variety of levels so comparisons can be made.
  • If the population that is being assessed is located within a specific setting, it may be best to contact that agency to retrieve specific information about that population.
  • The following resources provide a broad overview of the demographics of a city, county, or state:
  • State and County Quick Facts—Easy access to facts about population, housing, economics, geographic data, business, based on U.S. Census data – Link mentioned above.
  • Obtain information about a specific city or county on these useful websites: and – Link mentioned above.
  • Information from Government Agencies
  • Healthy People 2020—this resource is published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It identifies health improvement goals and objectives for the country to be reached by the year 2020 – Link mentioned above.
  • National Center for Health Statistics—this agency is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; this website provides statistical information about the health of Americans- Link mentioned above.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—The CDC website contains a large amount of information related to the health of the American population. The search engine within this website can be used to find relevant information – Link mentioned above.
  • Every state in the United States has its own specific health improvement plan and goals that are based on the Healthy People 2020 document. This information may be available on the state health department website.
  • State and local health departments provide information related to vital statistics for the community.
  • Other Data Sources
  • America’s Health Rankings—this website provides information about various health indicators for each state: – Link mentioned above.
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N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community.

N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community.

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N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community.

N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community.

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N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community.

N492 Module 7 In This Module, You Will Complete a Full Assessment of Your Own Community.

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