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[SOLUTION] NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment – Assignment Solution

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[SOLUTION] NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment – Assignment Solution

NURS-6512C-24/NURS-6512N-24-Advanced Health Assessment-2021-Fall-QTR-Term-wks-1-thru-11 Exam – Week 11 1. You are conducting a clinical breast examination for your 30-year-old patient. Her breasts are symmetrical with bilateral, multiple tender masses that are freely moveable with well-defined borders. You recognize that these symptoms and assessment findings are consistent with: 2. Functional assessment is most important during the examination of a(n): 3. When palpating breast tissue, the examiner should use the    at each site. 4. You are examining a patient in the emergency department who has recently sustained head trauma. In order to initially assess this patient’s neurologic status, you would: 5. Adrian Thomas is a 19-year-old girl who presents to the clinic with complaints of severe, acute chest pain. Her father reports that Adrian, apart from occasional sinus infections, Adrian is not prone to respiratory problems. What potential risk factor is most important to assess with regards to Adrian’s current problem? NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 6. A patient you are seeing in the emergency department for chest pain is suspected of having a myocardial infarction. During the health history interview of his family history, he relates that his father had died of “heart trouble.” The most important follow-up question you should pose is which of the following? 7. Which one of the following is a proper technique for use of a speculum during a vaginal examination? 8. In the adult, the apical impulse should be most visible when the patient is in what position? 9. You are reviewing an ECG of a 43 year old new patient. The patient has a history of second-degree heart block. The ECG shows the PR interval is increases with each beat until a QRS is dropped. What is this type of block called? 10. An idiopathic spasm of arterioles in the digits is termed: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 11. Which portion of the physical examination is best done with the patient standing? 12. Your older clinic patient is being seen today as a follow-up for a 2-day history of pneumonia. The patient continues to have a productive cough, shortness of breath, and lethargy and has been spending most of the day lying in bed. You should begin the chest examination by: 13. To hear diastolic heart sounds, you should ask patients to: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 14. While examining a 30-year-old woman, you note that one breast is slightly larger than the other. In response to this finding, you should: 15. The checkout station for preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE) is critical because at this point: 16. The physical assessment technique most frequently used to assess joint symmetry is: 17. An examiner has rotated a brush several times into the cervical os. The brush was withdrawn and stroked lightly on a glass slide. The slide was sprayed with fixative. Which type of specimen requires this technique for collection? 18. Assessing orientation to person, place, and time helps determine: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 19. Examination of the patient in the lithotomy, or knee-chest, position includes: 20. Breath odors may clue the examiner to certain underlying metabolic conditions. The odor of ammonia on the breath may signify: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 21. One of the most important aspects to consider in the orthopedic screening examination is: 22. A common finding in markedly obese and pregnant women is: 23. When you attempt to move a 10-month-old child from his mother’s lap to the examination table, he screams loudly. Your best action is to: 24. The Mini-Mental State Examination should be administered for the patient who: 25. Breath sounds normally heard over the trachea are called: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 26. The finger-to-nose test allows assessment of: 27. Your patient’s chief complaint is repeated pencil-like stools. Further examination should include: 28. To assess a cremasteric reflex, the examiner strokes the: 29. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy will likely produce: 30. Which one of the following techniques is used to detect a torn meniscus? 31. If your patient has nipple discharge, you will most likely need a: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 32. To spread the breast tissue evenly over the chest wall, you should ask the woman to lie supine with: 33. You are inspecting the genitalia of an uncircumcised adult male. The foreskin is tight and cannot be easily retracted. You should: 34. A grade IV mitral regurgitation murmur would: 35. Inquiry about nocturnal muscle spasms would be most significant when taking the musculoskeletal history of: 36. During a routine prenatal visit, Ms. T. was noted as having dependent edema, varicosities of the legs, and hemorrhoids. She expressed concern about these symptoms. You explain to Ms. T. that her enlarged uterus is compressing her pelvic veins and her inferior vena cava. You would further explain these findings: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 37. Recent unilateral inversion of a previously everted nipple suggests: 38. An apical PMI palpated beyond the left fifth intercostal space may indicate: 39. Adrian Thompson is a 19-year-old girl who presents to the clinic with complaints of severe, acute chest pain. Her mother reports that Andrian, apart from occasional sinus infections, Andrian is not prone to respiratory problems. What potential risk factor is most important to assess with regard to Adrian’s current problem? 40. A 25 yo AA female has come to the clinic because she has missed her menstrual period this month and 2 months before. She says her cycles are irregular and she wants to be on birth control to help regulate them.  She states that her breasts have enlarged and that her nipples have turned a darker color. Your further response to this finding is to: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 41. Tarry black stool should make you suspect: 42. During chest assessment, you note the patient’s voice quality while auscultating the lung fields. The voice sound is intensified, there is a nasal quality to the voice, and the e’s sound like a s. This sound is indicative of: 43. Palpation of a normal prostate in an older adult is likely to feel: 44. Darian is a 14-year-old adolescent who states his right testicle has a soft swollen mass. The testicle is not painful upon palpation. The right inguinal canal is without masses. The mass does transilluminate with a penlight. This collection of symptoms is consistent with: 45. The difference in blood pressure readings between the right and the left arms is considered normal up to mm Hg. 46. Postural hypotension is defined as a                when the patient stands, compared with sitting or supine readings. 47. A positive straight leg raise test usually indicates: 48. Bimanual examination of the uterus includes: 49. Ulnar deviation and boutonniere deformities are characteristic of: 50. Facial muscle or tongue weakness may result in: 51. If pitting edema is unilateral, you would suspect occlusion of a: 52. You are conducting a preparticipation physical examination for a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome who will be playing basketball. She has slight torticollis and mild ankle clonus. What additional diagnostic testing would be required for her? 53. You are performing a two-point discrimination test as part of a well physical examination. The area with the ability to discern two points in the shortest distance is the: 54. The musculoskeletal examination should begin when: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 55. A red, hot swollen joint in a 40-year-old man should lead you to suspect: 56. Throughout the history and physical examination, the clinician should: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 57. For purposes of examination and communication of physical findings, the breast is divided into: 58. A pulsation that is diminished to the point of being barely palpable would be graded as: 59. A 56-year-old male presents to the clinic to see the nurse practitioner with complaints of shortness of breath for 1 months, 15-pound weight gain and lower extremity edema. Vitals are as follows: HR: 120, Respirations 30, Blood Pressure: 138/90, BMI: 40; Oxygen saturation of 90%. On examination patient is noted to have jugular venous distention, enlarged liver, and crackles are noted on examination. A chest x-ray is completed and shows findings consistent with which diagnosis? Based on this scenario and imaging what is the most likely diagnosis? 60. While collecting personal and social history data from a woman complaining of breast discomfort, you should question her regarding: 61. The family history for a patient with joint pain should include information about siblings with: 62. Kawasaki disease is suspected when assessments of a child reveal: 63. At your first meeting with a patient, it is usually best to say: 64. The presence of cervical motion tenderness may indicate: 65. The strength of the trapezius muscle is evaluated by having the patient: 66. The adnexa of the uterus are composed of the: 67. Palpation of epitrochlear nodes is part of the: 68. As Mr. B. enters the room, you observe that his gait is wide based and he staggers from side to side while swaying his trunk. You would document Mr. B.’s pattern as: 69. The reliability of health-related findings and observations is the responsibility of the: 70. Montgomery tubercles are most prominent in the breasts of: NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 71. A parent is advised to restrict contact or collision sports participation for their child. An example of a sport in which this child could participate is: 72. The Mini-Mental State Examination: 73. Which medical condition would exclude a person from sports participation? 74. The best way to ease the apprehension of a 3-year-old child before a physical examination is to: 75. You are examining Mr. S., a 79-year-old diabetic man complaining of claudication. Which of the following physical findings is consistent with the diagnosis of arterial occlusion? 76. An ophthalmoscopic eye examination involves: 77. When the Goodenough-Harris Drawing Test is administered to a child, the evaluator principally observes the: 78. Anterior cruciate ligament integrity is assessed via test. 79. You are interviewing a 20-year-old patient with a new-onset psychotic disorder. The patient is apathetic and has disturbed thoughts and language patterns. The nurse recognizes this behavior pattern as consistent with a diagnosis of: 80. Cranial nerve XII may be assessed in an infant by: 81. Loss of immediate and recent memory with retention of remote memory suggests: 82. In the most effective percussion technique of the posterior lung fields, the patient cooperates by: 83. The rectal past medical history of all patients should include inquiry about: 84. To assess spinal levels L2, L3, and L4, which deep tendon reflex should be tested? 85. The examiner percusses for diaphragmatic excursion along the: 86. A patient in the deepest coma would be scored a      on the Glasgow Coma Scale. 87. A finding that is indicative of osteoarthritis is: 88. Electrical activity recorded by the electrocardiogram (ECG) tracing that denotes the spread of the stimulus through the atria is the: 89. A 40 yr old female presents to the clinic with complaints of low back and buttock pain. Pt states the buttock pain radiates from one side to the other. On examination, the patient is noted to have limited ROM of the shoulders, chest wall, hips, and knees. Upon xray, you find gross postural changes and there is a severe deformity of the vertebral column. What is the most likely diagnosis for this patient? 90. A cervical polyp usually appears as a: 91. You order an ECG on a patient that c/o feeling heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath. Your ECG shows irregular heart rate and you determine that you need to call EMS immediately because this rhythm can cause death. What rhythm would you suspect the ECG is showing? 92. Temporalis and masseter muscles are evaluated by: 93. The Denver II is a tool used to determine: 94. When is the mental status portion of the neurologic system examination performed? 95. The foramen ovale should close: 96. A 62 year old female presents to the clinic with complains of chest pain and heart palpitations that started 3 days ago. Patient states she is healthy and only has a history of hypertension and tachycardia. Patient is currently taking Norvasc 10mg daily and Coreg 6.25 mg BID. You order an EKG and it shows heart rate above 200 beats/min and the ECG may look like a sawtooth cog. What is the most likely diagnosis of this patient? NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment 97. Your 15-year-old patient is athletic and thin. Radiography of an ankle injury reveals a stress fracture. You should question this patient about her: 98. When assessing a 17-year-old for nuchal rigidity, you gently raise his head off the examination table. He involuntarily flexes his hips and knees. To confirm your suspicions associated with this positive test, you would also perform a test for the         sign. 99. When conducting a geriatric assessment, basic activities of daily living (ADLs) include: 100. When assessing superficial pain, touch, vibration, and position perceptions, you are testing:


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NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N - Advanced Health Assessment - Assignment Solution

NURS-6512C/NURS-6512N – Advanced Health Assessment – Assignment Solution

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